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The Company:

EST was founded in 1988 as software house specialising mainly in MAINTENANCE SYSTEMS and customised software.

 The first systems were implemented as LAN systems in the mechanical maintenance arena at remote sites in the RSA. The system has since been implemented in various other disciplines such as fleet maintenance, electrical maintenance, civil maintenance, cleaning, horticulture, etc.

The company has since expanded and now also specialises in the provision of "turn key" solutions whereby customised software written to client specification and all related hardware, i.e. LAN's, workstations, etc. are provided. Hardware upgrades are also catered for.


EST currently proivide services to a broad base of clients big and small, amongst others SPOORNET who has been using our software since 1991 to almost all facets of their building maintenance function.


    Customised software development

    Systems/business analysis 

    Database design   

    Provision of hardware eg. Servers, work stations, printers, digital equipment , scanners, etc

     LAN installation and configuration

    WEB site development

    Supply of most software and operating systems


To provide an outstanding service at a fair price to ensure client satisfaction.


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